MXL USB MIC Mate Classic

MXL-Mic Mate

Microphone Adapter

XLR-to-USB Adapter (Mac & PC compatible)

The no-hassle solution for mobile recording, podcasting, and garage bands.

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MXL Mic Mate® Classic converts any existing condenser microphone to USB. Includes studio-quality USB microphone preamp, fully balanced low-noise analog front end, and 3-position analog gain switch. Supplies 48V phantom power.


  • Studio-quality USB Microphone Preamp
  • Supplies 48V Phantom Power for condenser microphones
  • Plug and record with your favorite software
  • No special drivers required
  • Fully balanced low noise analog front end
  • Analog gain control
  • Compact travel size 0.85" OD x 5.75" Long
  • Heavy duty diecast metal construction

 Perfect for on-the-fly recordings, podcasting, VoiP, IM chat, field recordings and more>

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