Automatic Devices Company Autodrape Machine

Automatic Devices Company Autodrape Machine


This is the Automatic Devices Company - ADC - Autodrape Draw Curtain Machine. See Choice of model below. This product has special shipping requirements, please email NJTS for details. 

$3,208.00 /Each.
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The Automatic Devices Company Autodrape models 934, 1454, 2904 and 6504 are the most versatile yet most reasonably priced stop, start and reverse machines available anywhere. Designed particularly for multiple remote control station locations, these units include a magnetic reversing contactor and three-button control stations (24 vac). Integral rotary limit switches provide user defined pre-set stops for the "Full Close" and "Full Open" positions. These machines are also obtainable with magnetic friction brakes which help provide more precise stopping. Model number differences are based on horsepower of motors; 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1.

 Standard unit is equipped with:

  • Rotary Limit Switches for full open and full closed positions.
  • Low Voltage Control - 24 vac
  • Remote Control Station (RCS-1)
  • Machine Guard
  • Helical Grooved Drum 5"L x 10"D
  • Channel Steel Base
  • Connects to 120 volt power supply (230 volt, 3-phase is available as an option)
  • ETL Listing
  • Approximate shipping weight 165 pounds